Pool Services: Residential & Commercial

Pool Maintenance


Monthly, bi-monthly, Weekly, bi-weekly

We expect our techs to clean and chemically test and treat your pool from the the waterline tile where the bottom of your deck coping meets the top of the tile down to the main drain. This includes, testing the water upon arrival, addition of any chemicals necessary to balance the pool, brushing the waterline tile to keep it free of algae, brushing the walls, brushing OR vacuuming the floor of the pool, and skimming the surface. Our tech will empty your skimmer basket and clean your filter and pump basket out at the equipment. The tech is also expected to add or discharge water as needed during his/her visit. A report of services provided with water chemistry results and any additional notes will be sent to you via email with your invoice. Communication to you our valued customer is very important. You may be asked to add additional water to the pool, wait to swim for a specified amount of time. Possible leaks and or equipment issues will be monitored by the tech and turned into the office at the end of their shift to be handled properly. Specialty treatments such as phosphate treatments, stain treatments and black algae treatments or problem pools and clean-ups will be quoted and handled individually outside of the regular weekly service. 

Heavy-Duty Pool Cleaning

Pools that are overly dirty as a result of screen/cage damage, deck/paver painting, resanding, & sealing, pressure washing, dead animals, animal or human waste, or any unusual circumstance outside the scope of the normal weekly clean, will require a scheduled service call. Work order quotes/costs will apply. TIP: When shopping for and scheduling a pressure wash service, ask if they include cleaning up the mess they send into the pool as part of their quote. Good companies will include that and we have some great contractors we could recommend.   

We offer free estimates for pool service, repairs and pool equipment. These estimates will be quoted and saved in our POS system and emailed to clients free of charge. 


Any work order totaling $1000 or more requires half down to schedule. The balance is due upon completion of the job. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card with our office, or by check payable to Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa. Cash may only be accepted in the office or by the owner(s) directly. Checks are accepted in the field, by mail or in our office/storefront located at 225 S. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801.


Invoices for pool service are generated monthly on the 1st of each month. These invoices are for the current month of service and are due by the last date of the corresponding month if paying via check or online banking.

For those who prefer auto-draft, your credit card will be automatically charged on the 1st of the month when the invoice is generated. Credit card numbers are not physically stored at the office, but are stored electronically within a secure vault. We will not utilize your credit card on file for anything other than regular monthly service without specific authorization for each approved work order. To set up auto-draft, we must obtain a signed credit card authorization form listing your card number. If you card number changes, we require a new signed form. This policy is for your protection and ours. 


Our customers are our best advertisement. So we offer a $20 account credit to any pool or Spa service customer who refers a friend or neighbor within our service area. Once that referral account has signed up and paid for their first month of service, a credit for $20 will be added to your account as a thank you – and there is no limit to this option! Be sure to communicate with our office if your friends sign up so we can properly thank you! 

Pool Closing

What you can expect from us: we winterize pool filtration equipment and piping to ensure no cracks or imperfections come opening time. We also remove ladders, diving boards, handrails, and store the equipment on the owner’s premises. In addition to this, we will install the pool cover correctly and efficiently to provide protection during the winter months. Keep in mind, winterizing chemicals are not included and customers are required to drain pool water to the proper level before the arrival of the technician.

We hope this page helps communicate our expectations for providing excellent service to you, our valued customer while running a responsible, honest, and fair business. If there is ever an issue, a failure or mistake made by one of our team members or ourselves personally, we ask that you reach out to us directly so we can work together to make it right. Our mission is to work as a team to be your Partner in Pool Care and to continue keep our customers for many years to come!